Tuesday, March 24, 2009


UPDATE: The word coming down the vine is that the morons that screwed up the US version of LET THE RIGHT ONE in are going to release a fixed version with the correct theatrical subtitles.

But before you start doing your happy dance, you should know that anyone who already has purchased their copy won't be able exchange it for the for the fixed one. So even though you did the right and legal thing you are still getting screwed.

My advice; go to your local used DVD dealer and sell or trade the sucker before they wise up. That way you can grab another DVD from opposing company and you sorta win in the end.
Full details here.

It's absolutely moronic boneheaded moves like this that makes film piracy even more tempting. After all, why should I pay good money for a foreign film that is either re-edited or dumbed down for "my benefit" when I can go off market and get the version that is not screwed with? And studios continually wonder why people prefer to get pirated films these days.

This is the sort of thing that gets my blood boiling. Thank god for regionless DVD players and bootleggers out there. Otherwise we would be continually forced to watch inferior copies of films for another decade or more. (via Icons of Fright)

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