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I've always have been ambivalent towards the FRIDAY THE 13TH film series. Don't get me wrong, I do like them, I just had the desire to invest any interest into the series as a whole as opposed its true fans.

In fact, I actually seem to enjoy the later sequels over the first two. So in honor of today here are two vids from part nine which has to be in my top five faves.





* The patches on the shoulders of the Crystal Lake police uniforms state that Crystal Lake is in Cunningham County. This is a homage to Sean S. Cunningham, who is the producer of this movie, and was the producer & director of Friday the 13th (1980).

* In addition to his roles as Jason and the Security Guard, Kane Hodder also played Freddy Krueger's arm in the final scene.

* The Necronomicon found in the Voorhees house is a prop created by Tom Sullivan for The Evil Dead (1981) and Evil Dead II (1987). Sam Raimi sent a letter asking Sullivan to forgive him for not asking permission to borrow Sullivan's Evil Dead II (1987) props for this film. 'Tom Sullivan (III)' said he was not paid and would never again loan out props without granting permission.

* John D. LeMay, who played Steven Freeman, also starred in the TV series "Friday the 13th" (1987).

* Agent Abernathy was named after Lewis Abernathy who helped Sean S. Cunningham make the underwater thriller DeepStar Six (1989).

* FBI Agent Elizabeth Marcus is named after the director, Adam Marcus.

* This film originally had a flashback sequence and Betsy Palmer was proposed to reprise her role, but rejected.

* Jason's heart was used in From Dusk Till Dawn (1996) as Monkey Man's heart.

* The jungle gym in front of the Voorhees house was also used in The Birds (1963).

* The crate in the basement of the Voorhees house was a prop from the story "The Crate" from Creepshow (1982).

* This was the first film in the series to be handled by New Line Cinema after the franchise was moved from Paramount.

* There were plans for a high tech video game based on this movie. The game was actually created but never released.

* There was a comic book that bridged the gap between Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan (1989) and this film. It followed Jason after he was dipped in toxic waste in a New York City sewer, and his killing spree all the way back to Camp Crystal Lake. It also explains why the FBI has a task force specifically for Jason.

* The original title of the movie was "Friday the 13th Part IX: The Dark Heart of Jason Voorhees".

* One early concept for this movie was "Jason Goes To L.A" in which two rival gangs would be fighting; when Jason would show up and start murdering them. This would force the rival gangs to band together to defeat Jason.

* According to actress Rusty Schwimmer, most of the dialog between her character, Joey B, and Shelby (Leslie Jordan) was improvised on set. "They just rolled the cameras and let us go," she said.

* Tobe Hooper was originally considered to direct.

* "Jason Goes to Hell" was released on VHS in both R-rated and unrated versions and on DVD with both the R-rated and unrated versions of the film on the same disc, the unrated version being three minutes longer than the R-rated version. This is the only "Friday the 13th" film released in North America which is available uncut so far.

* John McTiernan was offered the chance to direct the movie but turned to down to work on Last Action Hero (1993).

* One of the characters is a bounty hunter named Creighton Duke. Both 'Creighton' and 'Duke' are names of colleges in the United States, located in Nebraska and North Carolina, respectively.

* At the end of the film, when the portal to Hell opens, Freddy Krueger's glove emerges to snatch Jason's hockey mask. If one accepts that Freddy was in Hell following his defeat in Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare (1991) (which was released in 1991 but actually set in the future), interesting timeline clues emerge. Namely, "Freddy's Dead" took place (according to the beginning crawl) "ten years from now". As noted, Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare (1991) came out in 1991. However, the "Nightmare on Elm Street" Companion website opted to interpret "10 Years from Today" as 10 years from 1989 (events of the prior film to the "Final Nightmare", A Nightmare on Elm Street: The Dream Child (1989)). In any event, if "Jason Goes To Hell" follows the events of "Freddy's Dead", then it must take place in either 1999 or 2001.

* This entry features the strongest clues as to the location of Crystal Lake. Namely, twice (once at the start, once when Steve Freeman sees the hitchhikers), a sign indicating that Crystal Lake is approximately 29 miles from Fairfield and 39 miles from Westport appears. Fairfield and Westport are both located in Connecticut. Previous films had indicated New Jersey or its environs; in part 3, a sign for Pick-It, the New Jersey state lottery, appears on the sign of a window at around 14 minutes into the film, while in part 1, Enos' truck has New Jersey on the side, and at about 11 minutes into part 1, the gates for a cemetery also has New Jersey on it.

* In the film, just before he handcuffs himself to Jason and a part of immovable furniture, Creighton Duke says "Son of a Bitch, you remember me". In the final film, this sounds a nonsensical. In the audio commentary to the DVD, it is revealed that the script at one point had it that Jason slew Duke's girlfriend.

* This is the first Friday the 13th film to have another Voorhees (other than Jason) in the movie since _Friday the 13th (1980_).

* The first Friday the 13th film to be distributed under New Line Cinemas. Paramount (the original distributor) sold the rights to New Line after continual declines in box office ratings.

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