Friday, January 30, 2009

[REC.] (2007)

I honestly don't watch too many current horror flicks for the simple reason that they suck. However, after hearing word on how scary this one was, I took a chance on this Spanish indie horror flick and regret nothing. That's right schlockheads, I loves me subtitled some subtitled flicks, and Holy Frankenstein, this is one hell of a great and freaky movie!

First off, let me defend this subgenre of the fake shaky camera documentary gone awry,I don't care how many of these kinds of flicks are released, I still get a huge thrill everytime I see one. Well, except for CLOVERFIELD, I still have a strong hate in my heart for that flick. Yet, bring them on, I say. You make them, I'll watch it. To me it's like a dark ride or a brilliantly frightening survival horror game. If it's done right the pay off is in good scares and in this case there was plenty to be found.

REC makes up for the disappointment that is CLOVERFIELD and even puts DIARY OF THE DEAD out to pasture. People may say that BLAIR WITCH started the trend (which it did not - know your indie cinema) however REC is the one that raised the bar for this subgenre.

The set-up of the whole thing is simple. A spanish TV show host, Angela Vidal, played wonderfully by actress Manuela Velasco, goes along with a firefighter duo to see what it's like to be in that occupation at night. The first 15 minutes of this is dull but lays the tracks of what is to come next.

Before you can say, Fulci lives, a outbreak occurs and everywhere you turn someone is turning into a flesh eating zombie. The worst part of it all is that the survivors cannot leave because quickly discover that the building is under quarantine and if anyone so much as sticks a nose out a door or window they will be riddled with bullets from an outside mysterious military and bio-hazard prevention force.

The story soon ends with Angela and her camera man running into fourth floor apartment where they discover to their dismay the truth behind the viral outbreak which puts a unique spin on the whole zombie disease idea.

The movie itself is simplistic and yet is decent enough with a great dose of frights at every turn. It's film's the ending that makes the whole event worthwhile. It's scarier than the idea of a alternate universe where McCain is president. The kind of ending that has etched itself onto my brain with images I can't seen to shake.

I really do wish I could explain further, yet I don't want to ruin the surprise for you schlockheads. All I can say is buy it, learn to love subtitles, turn off the lights, and enjoy the ride.

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