Monday, November 24, 2008


It has been quite some time since I have really felt ripped off by a film. I think the last one would have to be HAUTE TENSION. I love schlock and the good and bad that come with it, but this is a film that truly tested my mettle. It could not be even enjoyed on that level of "so bad it's good in a campy way."

When it comes to reviewing films that I come across that are this piss-poor I actually do try and make some attempt at finding something positive to say about it. Really, I do! Yet, I honestly cannot say one good thing about it without lying to you schlockheads out there. My Momma didn't raise no jive ass liars.

Let's start off by saying the obvious; the first one will always be a cult classic and a personal fave of mine. That would be a common thread you will discover amongst SLEEPAWAY fans. Hell, even parts 2 and 3 had their own schlocky charm to it. They were not great, but had enough steampower to keep the films entertaining just long enough. This however is just a stew of only God knows what. It just seemed so hastily slapped together and held together by duct tape.

In the film the characters are all moronic whiny jerk-offs leaving you to care for no one, not one damn person! I'm not even going to waste the time listing them here and how each fitted into the story.

As far as cameos are concern there are a several, the most notable being the return of Angela, (played by Felissa Rose) who is criminally underused here. She is probably the only thing that made the film a bit cool. Also for those gorehounds out there looking for a the red stuff look elsewhere. There is really nothing interesting or gruesome to be found here. Move along.

As for the "twist ending", is it is anything but that. Deducing the ending does not require any Adrian Monk like skills either. You can see it coming miles away, and when it does finally arrive, you will feel even more ripped off because there is no real big pay-off to be found.

The thing that I disliked the most was the fact that I used up a Netflix Que slot to get this disc, which meant another two day turn around just to banish this flick from my house. A bit of a long process just so I could get a better movie in return. I hate it when that happens.

All in all, do not rent or buy this flick. Wait a few months where it will undoubtedly show up on the Sci-Fi Channel or Stay weird!

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