Friday, October 3, 2008


As promised, here is the TV and Movie genre of sexy costumes that make no sense to me:

As much as I loved the film, I never thought once that those jumpsuits would look sexy on a gal. Making the costume cheap on the cloth doesn't really change my point of view. After all, the Ghostbusters were nothing more than glorified rat catchers with a supernatural bent, of course. Who the hell would find exterminators sexy?

This costume is actually called I Love Loosey, no kidding. I guess if you are turned on by red heads, this wouldn't that bad of a costume. I myself am a bit creeped out by anyone being turned on by Lucille Ball. Doesn't this costume remind anyone of those recent porn versions of old TV shows like NOT THE BRADY BUNCH?

For those who dig mutant mentally challenged hulking killers but wondered if they could be a bit sexier, this is for you!

So the idea is to take a horribly burned disfigured child rapist and murderer and turn into a wild sexy Halloween costume? I would be worried with what might happen with that glove.
Yep, the sexy Elvis look is going to be big this year, I tells ya! I on the other hand do not share the same opinion of Christian Slater from TRUE ROMANCE. I just wonder how many Elvis impersonators are buying these right now for their gals?

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