Wednesday, July 8, 2009


...Well not entirely.

I'm getting more serious about making films among other things and finding myself with very little time to post anything good here in months. All I ever seem to do around here is post nothing but half-ass items and no blog on schlock should treat their readers with garbage like that.

So after a long period of questioning what to do; I decided that I will no longer update this blog any longer. I would rather end it while it still can instead of letting it drag on slowly like a dying patient in a intensive care unit who refuses to die. Instead, I will just stop updating it and let it stand as an archive of sorts for anyone who wants to go back to the years of schlock that I tried to share.

I want to thank everyone who has dropped by over the years and those who stuck with the blog for that long as well, and to everyone who was a fan and added a link to their blogs.

But like I said in the beginning I'm not gone entirely. You can still follow my exploits here or learn a new skill here at my other blog. In a sense I'm still active in schlock but instead of showing the works of others I'm actually going to try and make my own and hopefully you can follow along.

Also don't forget to check out the many awesome blogs listed on the sidebar who are doing a far better job at keeping the love of schlock alive.

Until next time, stay weird!

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